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Benefits of Having Jeffrey Roberts as Your Outside General Counsel

Do We Need an Outside General Counsel?

Have you ever wished your business could justify the cost of hiring an in-house counsel?

Do you often forego calling your attorney with legal questions because you don’t want to get choked with .3 or .4 hours of time for a 3 minute call? 

Do you envy your colleagues who have in-house counsel well-versed in the intricacies of their executive management team and their industry? 

Perhaps you would like an affordable arrangement that gives you access to a seasoned in-house attorney who can attend board meetings and provide real time counsel and guidance. 

RobertsLaw provides the solution to these dilemmas.  

Growing and successful companies in the St. Louis area need real time access to experienced counsel, but also need to control the costs associated with obtaining legal support and advice.  For our Outside General Counsel engagements, We alter our billing arrangements from a traditional hourly rate to engagements uniquely tailored to meet your needs.

As your Outside General Counsel, Mr. Roberts will spend the time necessary to understand your management team dynamics, its history, current business operations, strategic objectives and financial capabilities.   Through his experience with large-scale developments and capital funding, Jeff is as comfortable reviewing financial matters as he is with legal matters.  Your CFO will be pleased to have Jeff's input at your management and board meetings.

Our Commitment to Our Corporate Clients

As your Outside General Counsel, Jeff will swiftly gain an in-depth understanding of your business and your vision.  Because of this, your calls to Jeff will be received by a de-facto extension of your executive management team – a person committed to your success.  Jeff will return your calls promptly and always on the same day.  You will have his cell phone number and he will welcome your calls around the clock.  He understands from his corporate experience that executives are on-call at all times and he will provide that same commitment to you and your team.