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Our Process

Getting Started -  The Assessment

To get the process started, Jeff will meet with your CEO and other executives to understand your needs.  This full day assessment will be done without cost to your firm and can be designed to cover areas of common concern set forth below or it can be focused on specific topics which may be of greater interest to you:

  • Standard agreements currently in use:
    • Supply and Distribution Agreements
    • Sales Agreements
    • Development Agreements
    • Non-disclosure/Non-circumvention agreements
    • Leases
  • Organizational documents, minutes and corporate resolutions
  • Real Estate practices
  • Intellectual Property
  • Corporate indemnity provisions and E&O insurance
  • Insurance and Risk Management
  • Acquisition and Divestiture efforts and procedures
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Employment matters including hiring, retention and employee handbooks
  • Succession Issues

Developing a Scope of Service to Meet Your Needs

At the conclusion of this process, Jeff will discuss with your company’s leadership a scope of work and client service structure tailored to your needs.  This often includes fixed fee arrangements on a monthly basis with no long term contract. Other arrangements may include a fixed monthly fee for unlimited phone calls and emails with variable billing for defined projects as they arise.  Budgets or fixed-fee proposals for specific tasks will be established as these matters arise.

Our Commitment to Our Corporate Clients

As your Outside General Counsel, Jeff will swiftly gain an in-depth understanding of your business and your vision.  Because of this, your calls to Jeff will be received by a de-facto extension of your executive management team – a person committed to your success.  Jeff will return your calls promptly and always on the same day.  You will have his cell phone number and he will welcome your calls around the clock.  He understands from his corporate experience that executives are on-call at all times and he will provide that same commitment to you and your team.