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What We Do

Confluence of Partners

Business Sales, Recapitalizations, Mergers Acquistions

  • An investment banker or competitor has just called you asking if you are interested in selling the business you started long (or not so long) ago. 
  • You and your accountant -- or you and your trusted business advisor at RobertsLaw -- have decided that you need to find financing to recapitalize your company to meet growth needs.  A decision has been made to seek equity or debt financing in the private capital markets.
  • You have found a competitor or a new line of business that will provide synergies for your company’s growth and you want to approach them with the idea of buying or merging with them.

If you find yourself in any of these situations or some interesting combination of them, we have the depth of experience and relationships to assemble the right transaction team for your deal.  We don’t over-complicate, but we are thorough.  We believe in simplicity.  Ultimately, if but for a short while, every business sale, merger or acquisition is a partnership.  The minds of all parties must meet and collaborate.  We are very good at that. 

What We Do

"Law is nothing but the best reason of wise men applied for the ages to the transactions and business of mankind. "

- Abraham Lincoln